Nuclear energy education in France

Reactor physics, design and operation, the physics and chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle, materials science, waste management, dismantling, radioprotection, and nuclear safety : more than 20 academic institutions in France offering education & training for better jobs and skills in nuclear energy.  There are several training programs available in English which are often conducted within international exchange programs. Ongoing professional training is also available at dedicated institutions notably the Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires (INSTN), the International Nuclear Academy (INA) and industrials.


Every year over 1,100 students complete a Master’s degree in nuclear energy, which almost meets the human resources needs  of the nuclear organisations in France. Around a fifth of these students come from abroad.



 The I2EN has developed the first edition of its database on French Masters of science in the domain of nuclear energy. For 2011, the base lists 54 courses and 82 datasheets have been established, a sheet for each training option. Read more...

 The very first booklet on engineer education in nuclear energy in France: download.

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